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Pizza and salad


Since we opened on October 16th 1978 our goal was to serve the best and freshest ingredients for all our products. We now offer our spices, sauces and dressings to all of our past and future patrons. 

Thank you for your patronage

Patrick (Orlondo) Renda

spices on spoon


Choose Orlondos products to inspire your next culinary masterpiece

Orlondos Jamaican Meats spice
Orlondos Jerk Chicken spice
Orlondos Pizza spice
Orlondos Jamaican All Purpose spice
Orlondos Italian Dressing and Marinade
Orlondos Creamy Italian Dressing and Marinade
Orlondos Pizza and Pasta Sauce

We are proud to be partnered with

Capital City Fruit.


Click below to go to their respective order pages.  

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